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Current City Rebate and Water Conservation Info in the Brazos Valley

City of College Station

City of Bryan

RainDrop Harvesting Solutions

Bryan / College Station, TX, USA

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 '​I was brushing my teeth and was washing up...suddenly our water stopped..dribbled to a stop... I thought I could use the rain water... I called the water well person and he came out in the afternoon... a switch went out..he fixed it in 10 minutes.... BUT...I felt confident because I had water.'  - (1500 Gallon Cistern Installed)

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​ First Flush Diverters, Water Level Monitors, Leaf  Eaters, Pumps... You name it we can get it. 

 We offer annual maintenance for systems  previously installed as well as systems we have  installed. 

"Custom Sized Clean Water Solutions for You"

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 'been watering my fruit trees with the rain water and catching a lot with all the rain.  I enjoy having it there' - (1500 Gallon Cistern installed)

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ARCSA training AP Professional

RainDrop Harvesting Solutions, LLC

 I would like to add a second tank - (2500 Gallon with submersible pump. Have added another 2500 gallon cistern to system)