• Filter can be stored forever when not in use
  • Make up to 100 gallons on average before needing replacement
  • Filters are recyclable & replaceable
  • BPA free
  • Reusable bottles leach proof #4 low density polyethelyene – FDA approved food grade materials
  • Easy to use, easy to refill, lightweight for travel
  • Filters naturally enhance pH
  • Over 5 million sold worldwide

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  • Custom Designs for Rainwater Systems
  • Complete Installation for Rainwater Systems
  • Supply Parts and Pieces for Rainwater Systems
  • Guttering of homes
  • System Maintenance (both Previously Installed and ones we Install)
  • Annual Maintenance & System/Tank Cleaning
  • Water Treatment Licensing in Progress
  • Irrigation Licensing in Progress

Handyman Services

  • Ask us: We Can Do It 
  • Pinterest Projects or Honey Do's? Let us use the tools we have to help. 
  • Fence install/repair
  • Home repairs
  • Tile & flooring installation 
  • Debris Removal (dump run)
  • Shrub Trimming/Vine Removal
  • Lawn cutting/Landscaping 
  • Hornet/Wasp Removal
  • Lock Changes/Evictions
  • Trucks and Trailer at your service




 One Seychelle Bottle Produces Up to 100 Gallons of clean tasting water, equal to 757 half liters of throwaway bottles as shown pictured here. No more waste with Seychelle bottles.



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Point of Use Water FIltration Products:

  • Clean Water Solutions
  • Water Bottles
  • Straws
  • Family Pitchers
  • Replacement Filters