1500 Gallon Dark Green Polyurethane Tank installed on concrete slab poured as part of building.

Pump on system as well for toilet and sink inside. Tank was full upon first rainfall.  ​​

1500 Gallon Polyurethane Tank Installation 

December 2015 - Filled on first rain

 9,692 Gallon Galvanized metal tank  constructed just in time for the rain  3/15/15. 

Video of Mobile RainWater Harvesting Demo

Mobile Rain Harvesting Demo

Picture taken at Brazos Valley Earth Day 2014, Wolf Pen Creek April 5. Working Rain Harvesting system with a First Flush Diverter. 100 Gallon tank. Demo Available for events and education for local schools. 

Projects 1000 Gallon to 2499 Gallon

2500 Gallon Polyurethane tank with Submersible Pump

3000 Gallons (2- 1500 gallon) tanks installed and tied together at bottom to draw down together. Maintenance program of cleaning bottom of tanks in progress here pictured. PVC was painted as an additional service. 

Rainwater Revival 2014

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New and Improved Demo

"Custom Sized Clean Water Solutions for You"

​  6200 Gallon installed July 2016

  Full and overflowing a month later

 1500 Gallon Polyurethane tank installed.  Input of water on left and Overflow on  the right. Installed February 2015

500 Gallon Light Brown Polyethylene Tank Installation

Installation of 2, 1580 Gallon Polyurethane tanks. Connected to different gutters on barn. Submersible pumps installed with switches at tank to turn on/off. Both tanks filled on second rain. 


Addition of 1500 gallon tank to project below of 2 - 1500 Gallon tanks installed. All tied at the bottom to draw down at same time or separately if necessary. 4500 Gallons of storage total now.   

RainDrop Harvesting Solutions, LLC

2016 Updated Demo with 100 Gallon Stainless Steel tank made in Texas. Millican Reserve Market on the Green event which occurs every month​​

 250 Gallon Polyurethane Dark Brown tank installation 

400 Gallon Metal Tank Installation

250 Gallon Light Brown Polyethylene Tank Installation

Projects 5000 Gallon to 9999 Gallon

Projects 500 Gallon to 999 Gallon

Projects 100 Gallon to 499 Gallon

Projects 2500 Gallon to 4999 Gallon