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RainDrop Harvesting Solutions is a new company here in the Brazos Valley who care about Water Conservation, and what the Customer's Needs are first and foremost. We want you to be happy and get the most value from your system. 

The company was started summer 2013 by 2 co-workers at a local company called Neutral Posture. Kathie Hitt is a Buyer and Henry Luna is a Production Associate. TEEX had a rainwater harvesting class in March 2013 taught by Billy Kniffen which Kathie attended. She shared the information with Henry who was extremely interested in learning more. Their passion for sustainability information and water conservation methods caused them to take a class in La Grange to learn how to both Design and Build Rainwater Harvesting systems. What started as a mutual passion for learning fueled the desire to start their own company. Thus begins both educating the public and bringing the latest technologies in water conservation to the Brazos Valley. Along with some mentoring from the Dream Manager program at Neutral Posture, RainDrop Harvesting Solutions was born. 

Our goals are to continuously learn via education every year so we can provide the best methods out there to conserve water. We pride ourselves on efficient, beautifully designed, customized systems that meet all the customer's needs. We are hands on, personally attending to every detail to ensure your customized system is done right the first time. Aggie Owned and operated (Kathie Hitt ~ Class of '90).

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RainDrop Harvesting Solutions

College Station, TX, USA


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Monday - Friday: by appointment.

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RainDrop Harvesting Solutions can be reached  by phone or via email,  rdhs.llc@gmail.com.  

If you have any questions about our services, please feel free to contact us by phone or use the form by clicking the button below and we will respond within one business day.

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